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Venue Hire & Booking Shows

The Stomach hosts all-ages shows every month. If you are a new local band, we’d like you to have a 15 to 20 minute set of your own songs. If you are a new solo performer, we’d like you to have three of your own original songs. When you do, feel free to contact us to hook up a spot in a line up.

If you want book your own performance/show our staff are happy to help. Touring groups are most welcome too; if you really want to play at a licensed venue we can point you in the right direction.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss using The Stomach for an event or if you’d like to book a show. A venue hire fee will be discussed.

For gigs the venue hire will typically be $350.00 (please note that this price is already highly subsidised by our public funding streams). This covers, the venue, PA, backline, lighting, an engineer, staff & volunteers, promotion, and support band booking. There will always be a local artist/band performing at our shows.

Anyone who hires the practice room/recording studio/venue is responsible for any and all damages or theft during the hire. They are also responsible for any and all actions of all people present during the hire. For more information please refer to our hire and rehearsal policies.

More information about our venue:

PA: JBL loaded 4 box system (2x dual 18″ sub + 2x dual 15″ w/ 2″ mid-high); BSS processing; Crest power amps; Crest VX32 FOH console; Urei & BSS 31 band EQs; DBX 160XT & 1066 gate/compression; Rev5, D Two, SPX900 FX processors; Yamaha CL5 FOH console w/ RIO 3224 D2.
Monitors: JBL wedges + QSC K12 side-fill

Capacity: max 150 (including performers and crew)
Typical door price: $10-15 (pre-sale prices often $15-20)
All shows include local musicians

Backline available:
Sonor Force 3007 5piece kit w/ hardware
Full bass rig (typically Mesa Boogie 1×15″+4×10″ or 6×10″ cab w/ Markbass Little Mark III head amp)
Fender Hotrod Deville IV 2×12″ or Deluxe III 1×12″ combos
Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 head w/ 1960 4×12″ cabinet
Some other items available on request. See our full equipment list.

Live Recording
We can record live performances with our Yamaha audio network. Digital recordings are multi-track (up to 64 channels) post analogue head amp, pre console processing. They are captured via dante and are available for purchase as raw .wav files, or can be mixed via the studio at our standard rates. If you are interested in a live recording please let us know (we record on request).

Music Education

Creative Sounds doesn’t provide music lessons, but our rehearsal rooms are available for use for music lessons. We can normally suggest a teacher for which ever instrument you wish to learn.

In addition, we provide all kinds of workshops in everything from live audio production, recording, noise music, event management, zine making, and more! Some of these are provided on a per demand basis: if enough interest is expressed we’ll get to work on it. So if you’re into it let us know.

If you have knowledge to contribute and you would like to help out or even run a workshop yourself please get in touch!

Make a venue booking or let us know about your musical project by getting in touch with us