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Recording Studio Hourly Charges
(updated December 2017)
Unwaged / Student (subject to staff discretion) $25
Waged $35

Our listed studio rates are for local musicians. ‘Out of region’ studio clients are subject to a higher rate (currently $60 per hour) as our public funding cannot subsidise non-residents. The ‘region’ may change from time to time as our funding arrangements change. Our funded region currently includes Palmerston North, Manawatū, Horowhenua, Whanganui, & Rangitikei.

If more than half of your band, group, etc has a job, you count as waged.

A $60 cancellation fee applies if you give us less than 72 hours notice or do not show.

Most recording situations require approximately one hour’s set up time, charged at the normal studio rate.

Other Charges
Storage fee (one per project)  $10
Mastering (hourly rate applies)  $25/35
Digitisation (hourly rate applies)  $25/35
Extra CD copy  $5

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